Our web-based solution and on-line services will help you eliminate cost and increase efficiencies. Whether you are ordering stationary or launching a major marketing campaign, we will create a custom system for you. Call us any time for a demo.

BLI offers many on-line services. Our web based solutions can accept data input directly from customers, employees, franchisees, distributors, service/sales representatives or office branches.

BLI delivers cutting edge technologies that allow you to create marketing collateral on-demand to be distributed by mail or shipped directly to you.

BLI on-line system and solutions help our clients eliminate cost and increase efficiencies whether you are just ordering stationary or launching a major marketing campaign.

Marketing Tools Website

BLI’s Marketing Tools Website can be linked to your current website so that your franchisees, distributors or any users can order stationary, postcards, letters, flyers, promotional products or other marketing communications.

BLI will set up and build your customized unique on-line ordering site with your company look and feel.

With BLI’s Marketing Tools Website your company, franchisees or distributors will save time and money ordering stationary, mailings and marketing materials so that you can focus on running your business.

Some of the features and benefits or the Marketing Tools Website include:

  • Secure System
  • One-to-One Marketing
  • Document Library
  • On-line Mailing and Fulfillment
  • Photo Upload
  • Order History
  • Shipping/Tracking
  • Payment Processing